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Kalamkari art workshop at Govt Middle School Manzgam, Boniyar Uri

The students of Government Middle School Manzgam, which is nestled in the small village of Manzgam, Boniyar Uri, were excited when they learned that the JK Arts Foundation team would be showing up at their school for facilitating the first-ever art workshop, this was revealed to JKAF team by teacher Ashutosh Raina.

The headmistress of the Government Middle School Manzgam told the JKAF team that the art workshop by JK Arts Foundation was an opportunity for her and her colleagues to help their students find a new environment of experiential learning and step back to let them find some happiness in school for themselves.

The students expressed their desire to continue learning Indian Tribal Folk Art forms and said that creating art helped them instil discipline in themselves. "Learning art was fun and relaxing, and the activity helped us forge connections with each other," they said.

The JK Arts Foundation has a very keen sense of taking technology to the remote village of Jammu and Kashmir and making it accessible to a broader student population. This was the purpose of JKAF’s Kalamkari art workshop at Government Middle School Manzgam.

About Kalamkari

Kalamkari is a time-honored and widely loved form of traditional Indian art that can be found everywhere from 17th century temples in Andhra Pradesh to stretched canvases in modern homes. 'Kalamkari,' which derives its name from the word 'kalam,' which means pen, refers to a specific, intricate style of hand-painting onto cloth that is noted for its beautiful earthy tones.

About Manzgam

Manzgam is a village in the Boniyar Tehsil of the Baramulla District of India's Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir. Nagnari Gram Panchayat governs it. It is part of the Boniyar Community Development Block. Boniyar is surrounded by Uri Block towards west and Uri town is nearest to Boniyar for all major economic activities.


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