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Artist – Agents for change is a voluntary initiative started by JK Arts Foundation, Founder and CEO Geeta Vaishnavi for artists at any stage in their career. The initiative offers a unique, novel platform by which to augment the skills of artists while enabling them to bring lasting social change in disadvantaged communities through art education. 


Artists will work closely with the JKAF team to build artistic experiences and interventions for children from disadvantaged communities. These activities will require only once a month engagement. We will offer curated opportunities and formats to young artists to leverage their skills and network, beyond their workplaces, and to engineer positive social change.


Why do we need Young Artists - Agents for Change?

  • To bring together a group of young artists who are empathetic, creative and committed to bringing social change.


  • To provide an effective platform for young artists to engineer social change by leveraging their unique artistic and creative skills.


  • To improve lives in disadvantaged communities, near and far.


  • To get involved in supporting the grassroots efforts of global change-makers.

  • Applications are open now.

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