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JK Arts Foundation’s ‘Unleash your inner artist’ is designed to harness the transformational power of the arts to inspire and discover the inner artist in every child. Through our ‘Artist- Agents for change’ volunteers program, 500+ artists from visual, music and performance art backgrounds connect with us to turn JKAF’s ‘Democratizing Art in Education’ vision into reality. The volunteers work closely with the JKAF team to build robust arts activities, lessons and curriculum for children.

“As professional artist, I believe that creating art provides instant gratification, and wielding a brush gives us a certain kind of power. I am confident that through ‘Unleash your inner artist’ we will be able to transfer the feelings of fulfilment and competence through art to children.” – Geeta Vaishnavi

The main aim of this training program is to enable children to discover their creative expressions, become confident and optimistic to bring a positive change in their homes, neighborhoods and communities.

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