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JK Arts Foundation has teamed up with national and international museums, art galleries to create one of the most in-depth artful educational experiences available. Our virtual museum tour explores art’s potential to inspire and strengthen critical thinking in teachers and students.  Using artful thinking routines with original works of art in the museum, and with art reproductions in classrooms, we endeavour to empower teachers to transform how they teach. 


We encourage children to see, think and wonder and engage them with thinking routines to spark their creativity. These virtual tours help students build thinking habits like describing in detail, reasoning with evidence and asking probing questions.


By encapsulating artful thinking routines in the school curriculum through original works of art and contemporary art productions, we aim to make the teachers more discerning about what they expect their students to learn in classrooms.


Our school-based art interventions encourage the children to think for themselves, expand their problem-solving creative exploration and exercise. 


Till now, museum and art gallery tours have been limited to a privileged few. However, JK Arts Foundation’s ‘Museum for All’ initiative intends to break this barrier by leveraging technology and apprising children from remote villages and disadvantaged communities about “Leonardo da Vinci, Mona Lisa’s mysterious smile, the relevance of Salvador Dali Surrealism, Hussain’s use of the horse as a powerful motif in his paintings and Jamini Roy’s artworks influenced by the simplicity of Kalighat paintings” across remote villages. 


‘Museum for All’ evokes the idea that art should be accessible to everyone from those who live on the streets to those who have a roof over their heads.

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