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JKAF continues to promote art education among young children of remote villages

Conducts Madhubani Art Beginner's Workshop with students of Govt Primary School located in a remote village, Check Treran (Tangmarg)

JK Arts Foundation on Friday (24-12-2021) conducted the Madhubani Art Beginner's Workshop, which was attended by the students, more than 20 in number, of Government Primary School located in a remote village, Check Treran (Tangmarg), almost 35 kilometres off north Kashmir's district town Baramulla. The workshop was conducted online using the Zoom Meetings software. The students (aged 10 and below) were very excited to be a part of the workshop as it was their first experience at learning a non-academic subject like art in the class.

The JK Arts Foundation team started the workshop by informing the students and teachers that their organization aims to harness the transformational power of the arts in children to build creative thinking, confidence and ‘unleash the inner Artist’ in children from disadvantaged communities and remote villages through the use of disruptive technologies. They were informed that the JK Arts Foundation together with a team of artists, teachers, and volunteers are on an important mission to take art to children in remote villages and disadvantaged communities. It was in this spirit, they were further informed, that JK Arts Foundation reached out to the teachers of remote Government Primary School in Check Treran to conduct a rare art workshop for the students and teach them how to draw a Madhubani painting.

The workshop was part of the wider campaign of the JK Arts Foundation to bring art to the children residing in remote villages, who would not normally find an opportunity to walk into a gallery or visit a museum. It is worth mentioning that the initiative to bring art to the children residing in remote villages is the first of its kind initiative started by an ed-tech, a not-for-profit NGO within Jammu and Kashmir.

As soon as the workshop began, the children, one after another, got engrossed in the creative process of drawing Madhubani paintings. The level of engagement was incredible as it made explicit the positive attitudes and behaviour of the children involved. They asked questions and wanted to hear more and more about today's art workshop. This is the kind of response that keeps the team JKAF going and keeps it motivated to carry on the mission to democratize “Arts in Education”.

While thanking JK Arts Foundation for conducting a first-of-its-kind art workshop for the students of the remote Government Primary School in Check Treran, the teacher in charge, Miss Rifat Ara, said: "The workshop has given the children some sense of accomplishment, provided an opportunity to them to use new skills and became an avenue of expression and understanding for them. I am surprised and delighted to notice in them a new-found ability to try different things."

"These positive and interesting interventions offered by the JK Arts Foundation, to unleash the inner artist in children, in education practices should continue elsewhere in the Union Territory. I wish you all the best in the new year," she added.


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