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Key reason behind the activity was that the countries that flattened the curve used masks in public. JK Arts Foundation main aim through make your own mask was to bring Behavioural change in children during COVID 19 through a sustainable eco friendly approach.

A single cough by an infected COVID 19 carrier can produce up to 3,000 droplets. With fears that the virus can also be spread simply through speaking. Recent study showed that we spray thousands of droplets invisible to the naked eye into the air. Face masks could help to reduce transmission in the community particularly if used in crowded areas and public transport. One of the key reasons for public to wear face mask wearing is so important with Covid-19 has to do with the prevalence of asymptomatic carriers who can still spread the virus to others if everybody is wearing face masks, that would mean infected and asymptomatic people are also wearing masks. That could help to reduce the amount of virus which gets into the environment and potentially causes infections.

While the world saw shortage of N95 respirator and the equivalent FFP-2 respirator masks. These special masks were in shortage yet a necessity for frontline warriors.

Our aim through ‘make your own sustainable eco-friendly mask art activity by JK Arts Foundation was to encourage children to make their own creative masks and build the habit of wearing them.

To Kick start this project Geeta Vaishnavi hand painted Kashmiri Aari embroidery motifs on handmade masks. These masks were donated to Guru Nanak Sukh Shaala , Old Age Home, New Rajinder Nagar, New Delhi.

Children learning through art and building habits to protect them from Novel Corona Virus. Students from remote villages of Kashmir, Shopian and Baramulla, to those in New Delhi actively participated in the Corona Art Activity Marathon – Mask Painting Activity.


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