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JKAF Fellowships

  • If you have a strong desire to contribute to society.

  • If you are among the wide-eyed enthusiasts who believe in the transformational power of the art.

  • If you want to help children fulfil their dreams.

  • If you are passionate about creating a social impact.

  • If you are willing to take ownership of a project and lead it to successful completion by turning it into something that is useful for the children.

  • If you are willing to explore the disparity between rural and urban life in the context of early childhood education.

  • If you have good communication skills and can build relationships with stakeholders.

Here is a perfect opportunity for you to do that...

The JKAF Fellowship encourages young leaders and changemakers from diverse backgrounds to fuel the dreams of children and help them soar to new heights. 

The fellows are selected for their “exceptional creativity, significant accomplishments” to facilitate JK Arts Foundation’s digital initiatives, soft skill training and improve the learning and development of disadvantaged children. 


Benefits of the JKAF fellowship and why you should be interested in it.

  • You will be making an impact on the lives of hundreds of children.

  • You will have an opportunity to gain exceptional educational experience and share it with students and teachers.

  • You will learn lots of transferable skills in leadership, people-management, public-speaking, conflict-resolution, relationship-building, time-management, problem-solving and much more. 

  • The fellows will be awarded a stipend during the period of fellowship and experience certificates after the successful completion of the fellowship.


Become one of JKAF’s fellows and explore many opportunities we have for you — whatever your background or interest — to improve the lives of disadvantaged children. Your time, energy, and passion are all you need to get involved in our fellowship program.


Applications for the Fellowship will open in 2022.

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